Rigidity, universality, speed, and precision in execution are the prominent characteristics of the VG400 LINEAR.

Thanks to its granite frame, measurement scales, and linear motors.

The vertical machining position offers the operator ergonomics and genuine user comfort, ensuring perfect machining precision.

A significant advantage: The vertical position is acknowledged in the sharpening and tool production industry as the best solution for coolant flow and overcoming gravity, which is a guarantee of precision.

Travail Horizontal
5 axes
Moteur Linéaire

Technical characteristics

Machine dimensions

Overall dimensions (L x w x h)= 2500 mm x 1600 mm x 2400 mm

Total weight = 5 000 kg

Tool capacity

Maximum tool length (grinding) = 300 mm

Maximum tool length (sharpening) = 900 mm

Maximum tool diameter = 250 mm

Maximum tool weight = 50 kg

Axes strokes

X axis stroke (vertical) = 370 mm

Y axis stroke (perpendicular) = 250 mm

Z axis stroke (horizontal) = 480 mm

A axis stroke (clamping tool) = limitless

B axis stroke (electrospindle holder) = -30 / +180 deg

Axes speed

X axis speed (vertical) = 16 m/min

Y axis speed (perpendicular) = 30 m/min

Z axis speed (horizontal) = 30 m/min

A axis speed (clamping tool) = 720 rpm

B axis speed (electrospindle holder) = 10 rpm


X, Y and Z axes = 0.0001 mm

A and B axes = 0.0001 deg


Maximum wheel diameter = 200 mm

Wheel chuck = HSK50

Automatic changer capacity = 6 or 10 wheels


Electrospindle power = 22.5 KW (S1)

Max electrospindle speed = 24000 rpm

Tool Changer

Capacity = 48 tools

Max diameter = 20 mm

Max length= 150 mm


Changeur de meule 10 postes

10-station grinding wheel changer

Arrosage escamotable

Special added cooling system for deep grinding

Palpeur de meule

Wheel probe

Appui d'outil

Steady rest

Changeur d'outil

Tool changer

Example tools

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