La CA7 XL is the latest addition to the CA7 range. With a table capable of accommodating tools up to 2000 mm between centers, it ensures impeccable tool quality with its measurement scales and linear motors. The power of the spindle, ranging from 15 to 22.5 kW, along with accessories like steady rests and magnetic chucks, enables the sharpening or production of long tools. Its 6-position grinding wheel changer and diamond dressing wheel allow for uninterrupted tool manufacturing.

The included “EasyGrind” software, featuring the Broach module, enables the sharpening and manufacturing of various types of broaches, including flat, cylindrical, helical, taper, and concave broaches. You can also achieve AAA-level finish when sharpening your gear hobs. The CA7 XL is currently in use by industry leaders like SMOC, UNIOR, Karl KLINK, and many others.

Horizontal work

5 axis

Linear motor

Technical characteristics

Machine dimensions

Overall dimensions (L x w x h)= 5096 mm x 2205 mm x 2360 mm

Total weight = 8200 kg

Tool capacity

Maximum tool lengh (grinding) = 2000 mm

Maximum tool diameter = 350 mm

Maximum tool weight = 200 kg

Axes strokes

X axis stroke (horizontal) = 2000 mm

Y axis stroke (vertical) = 350 mm

Z axis stroke (perpendicular) = 500 mm

A axis stroke (clamping tool) = limitless

B axis stroke (electrospindle holder) = -45 / +180 deg

Axes speed

X axis speed (horizontal) = 50 m/min

Y axis speed (vertical) = 30 m/min

Z axis speed (perpendicular) = 50 m/min

A axis speed clamping tool) = 500 rpm

B axis speed (electrospindle holder) = 30 rpm


X, Y and Z axes = 0.0001 mm

A and B axes = 0.0001 deg


Maximum wheel diameter = 300 mm

Maximum wheel diameter for changer = 200 mm

Wheel chuck = HSK50 / HSK63

Grinding wheel stations = 4 or 6 wheels


Electrospindle power = 22.5 KW

Max electrospindle speed = 24000 rpm


Steady rest
Tail stock
Profiling unit
Magnetic tiling table

Example tools

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