Balancer BMT200-OP

Precision in HighTech precision within a small space!

Balancing helps to minimize vibrations and, consequently, the wear of spindles and tools, reducing downtime and increasing the overall reliability of the entire process.

Protect your machine spindles and optimize your machining by effortlessly balancing your cutting tools and workpieces in both static and dynamic modes.

For parts of all sizes.


Poids seulement env. 50kg

Poste de travail complet pour équilibrer sur une surface de 500mm x 500mm

Capot de protection jusqu’à Ø 400mm


Balancing Technology

Balancing helps minimize vibrations, thereby reducing wear on spindles and tools, cutting downtime, and enhancing the overall reliability of the entire process.

Angular indication for counterweight.

By material addition.

Axial drilling.

Radial drilling.

Simple and convenient display

  • Different types of integrated balancing methods
  • Display of unbalance in gr/mm, gr, or DIN quality class.
  • Color display indicating whether the rotor unbalance is within tolerance or not.
  • Indication of the maximum possible rotation speed on the machine spindle.
  • Laser pointing display of unbalance value and angle.
  • Various language options.
  • Dropdown menu.
  • 10-inch touchscreen display or PC/tablet/notebook.
  • Clear and dialogue-guided operation!


  • Compensation distributed at different locations
  • Compensation zone definition
  • Radial drilling
  • Axial drilling
  • Milling
  • Report printing
  • Report memory function

Balancing method

  • Measurement of unbalance in grams (gr/mm)
  • Balancing quality G according to DIN 1940 standard
  • Balancing rings with eccentricities
  • Material addition (screws) at a fixed position
  • Material removal by radial or axial drilling, milling, or grinding
  • Gram, degree, separation angle
  • Fixed position
  • Radial + axial drilling, milling
  • 1 or 2 balancing planes
  • Maximum balancing precision < 0.5 gmm
  • Laser pointing
  • Balancing by flipping
  • Static 1-plane balancing
  • Balancing with spindle compensation
  • Multi-languages
  • Automatic spindle positioning
  • Alternative compensation positions
  • Transfer of balancing measurement results
  • Transfer of measured values for gram, degree, separation angle

Tool/Workpiece Capacity

Piece Length: Up to 400mm

Piece Weight: Up to a maximum of 10kg

Piece Diameter: Up to 270mm

Technical Specifications

Smallest imbalances (<0.1 gram) detectable.

Highest precision (<0.5 gmm).

Improved ease of use > 90%.


Touchscreen or PC

Larger safety cover

Workbench support with drawer


Balancing 1 + 2 plane dynamic

Test magnet

Balancing rings

Balancing screw kit

Available with your company logo

Storage worktable

Demo video