The HG600 will help you sharpen your most precise tools. But not only ! This machine is versatile by also manufacturing the most complex hobs and skiving tools.

Horizontal Work

5 axis

Linear Motor

Technical characteristics

Machine dimensions

Overall dimensions (L x w x h) = 2900 mm x 2150 mm x 2200 mm

Overall dimensions with robot (L x w x h) = 2900 mm x 3150 mm x 2200 mm

Total weight = 6500 kg

Tool capacity

Maximum tool length (grinding) = 550 mm

Maximum tool length (sharpening) = 550 mm

Maximum tool diameter = 250 to 300 mm

Maximum tool weight = 300 kg

Axes strokes

X axis stroke (horizontal) =650 mm

Y axis stroke (vertical) = 290 mm

Z axis stroke (perpendicular) = 300 mm

A axis stroke (clamping tool) = limitless

B axis stroke (electrospindle holder) = – 25 / + 180 deg

Axes speed

X axis speed (horizontal) = 50 m/min

Y axis speed (vertical) = 15 m/min

Z axis speed (perpendiculaire) = 50 m/min

A axis speed (clamping tool) = 720 rpm

B axis speed (electrospindle holder) = 15 rpm


X, Y and Z axes= 0.0001 mm

A and B axes = 0.0001 deg


Maximum wheel diameter = 300 mm

Maximum wheel diameter inside changer = 150 mm

Wheel chuck = HSK50

Grinding wheel stations = 6 (14 with robot)


Electrospindle power = 22.5 KW

Max electrospindle speed = 24000 rpm

Tools Changer (with robot)

Capacity = 225 tools

Max diameter = 32 mm

Max length = 120 mm


Appui d'outil escamotable

Fix pneumatic steady rest

Lunette à suivre

CNC Following steady rest

Changeur de meule avec arrosage intégré

Wheel changer with integrated cooling nozzles

Contre pointe

Tail stock

Profilage de meule par molette à diamanter

Automatic grinding wheel profiling unit

Profilage de meule par diamant

Automatic grinding wheel with diamond

Example tools

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