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New SMP Technik VG400 LINEAR 5-axis center

Oct 16, 2023 by smpadmin

New SMP Technik VG400 LINEAR 5-axis center:

The vertical grinding solution designed for tool manufacturing and resharpening.

The vertical grinding solution designed for tool manufacturing and resharpening.

Rigidity, universality, speed, and precision of execution are the standout features of the VG400 LINEAR. The machine’s structure and its mineral resin frame provide perfect stability, necessary for deep grinding operations. Its travels have been designed and sized to allow machining a wide variety of tools: Maximum diameter of 250mm for ground lengths up to 300mm (700mm for sharpening). The machine axes are set in motion by linear motor technology, with precision and repeatability ensured by high-resolution pressurized optical scales on all axes

The machine is now equipped with a powerful 22.5 kW S1-rated spindle with a maximum speed (Vmax) of 24,000 RPM, an A-axis tool holder for grinding operations, and a 10-position grinding wheel changer.

The vertical machining position provides the operator with genuine ease of use, facilitating chuck setup and tool visualization, while ensuring perfect tool dimensions due to the even distribution of forces during cutting. This position also enables a simple and precise automated tool loading solution. The intelligent axis kinematics ensure the tool transfer (with a capacity of up to 50 tools up to D20) and eliminate the need for additional specialized equipment such as robots or manipulators.

And now, the choice is yours! Always attentive to the market, SMP Technik offers various programming solutions with the VG400: The in-house developed EASYGRIND software or the NUMROTO+ software from NUM. The VG400 LINEAR machine will be waiting for you soon at AFF’TECH in Auxerre.

SMP Technik team